Amazon Prime Video
on Xbox

Like many people in the U.S. We use my game system as an entertainment hub. Part of that experience is using video streaming services like Amazon Prime. For the past several years Amazon Prime Video has been available on on Xbox Live though their app and we felt the experience was lacking, so I decided to do something about it in a design exercise.

Some examples of the old interface.

The main goals of redesign were:

• Interface design more suited for TV / Gaming Platform
• Better use of space to bring relevant content to the surface
• Overall better visual appeal

How did We accomplish this?

Overall - Consolidated the overall navigation to simple defined icons while giving more space to the content. And made the overall look and feel much more simple and clean

Home Screen - Here we focused on usability, personlization. We gave the fresh design an easy to use rotator for new content as well as put the users saved items first.

Tv Series - We wanted to use the space better, within the current design it took two button presses to get to a list of episodes. We redesigned the interface to give the user more information upfront and make it possible to navigate to different seasons, and episodes all with a scroll. All while keeping the ability to add the series, play the series and see the most recent trailer.

Movies - Again we wanted to utilize the space better by brining all the relevant information to the forefront, while allowing the user to add, play, or view the trailer easily.

Video Controls - Simplified the design and usability control while using the xbox controller.

Search - The current search screen has no real feedback and frankly is unusable. We designed a more user friendly UI which allows the user to search within specific criteria as well as suggestions based on input and past viewing.

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's - Activision

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's - Activision

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's - Activision

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's - Activision

Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's - Activision
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