Protests are
the New Brunch

Protests are the New Bruch recently partnered with us to help create their brand from the start of their revolution. We helped develop their brand, website, and have done several designs for their apparel with an outwardly snarky tone towards the recent US political system.


Create an identity as well as illustrations with a fresh feel that resonates with people who are passionate about politics and current events. Then translate that brand to an online online presence and social media campaign.


Create an Identity that was impactful and mirrors a grass roots movement, while elevating them, and their product past the feel of a hand done protest sign with thoughtfull polished illustrations and typogrpahy.


PNB's images and ideas were impactful and created an immediate buzz as soon as the first shirt “TEA45SON” was shared on social media. This resulted in thousands of pre-orders in the first day.

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Graphic Design
Web Development
Soical Marketing