Universal Records

Who is Gary Go?

With an already long standing relationship with Universal Records, they came to us to develop an exciting and immersive website for Gary Go – A U.K. recording artist being launched in the U.S. for the first time.

There were two major challenges with this site: Generate awareness of an artist and an album to potential new listeners. Create an immersive site where a community of fans could communicate, while being aware not to alienate Gary Go’s already large U.K. fanbase.

Using Gary Go’s album artwork and notable Buddy Holly glasses, we created a unique community site for his fans, be them new or established, to interact. We created a virtual globe where people could post a message and picture wearing his glasses. Gary’s first single was “I AM WONDERFUL”, so users were encouraged to start their story with “I AM”. Once submitted, the story is then placed on a 3D interactive globe where other users could search it by content and location, comment on posts, and start a conversation.

Close-up of the globe on the homepage of the Gary Go website
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