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24′ F1 Show Car
Hot Wheels
2023 Holiday Car
Niko Ölvir
2024 Helmet Design
Long Goodbye Tour Drumheads
Gulf | Williams
Gulf x Williams Livery
Johannes Kurdt
2024 Helmet
Octopus Electric Vehicles
Augmented Reality Welcome
The Augmented Reality: See your new car in your driveway site being used to show a White Ford Mustang Mach E in a driveway
Racing News 365
Oracle Red Bull Racing Livery Concept
Williams Racing
Miami GP Poster
Image close of up our poster featuring Alex Albon and Logan Sargent with Ocean Drive as the background
Moana Motorsports
Branding & Livery
Moana livery design on a Ferrari
Sneak Energy
Forza Liveries
The back of an Aston Martin featuring a livery we created for Sneak energy. The license plate says SNEAK
Octopus Energy
Volta Charger Ads
Two Volta charging stations with the Octopus energy ads we created on them as people pass by
Dove | Selfie Talk
A smiling mother and daughter in blue duotone used in the Dove Selfie Talk campaign
McLaren Racing
Augmented Reality Celebration
A topdown view of a 3D rendered 2020 McLaren F1 car doing donuts with smoke coming from its rear tyres
The Angry Therapist
Tat Lab App
The main screen of the Tat Lab mobile app on an iPhone featuring the users upcoming classes and the most recently added classes
Wild Tomorrow Fund
Virtual Fundraiser Intro
A still image from the video intro featuring a hyena on a gold sparkle background
D-Day Interactive
Image of U.S solders storming the beaches on D-Day on June 6th 1944
Four boxes of the flavors of Candid Noons stood up next to each other.
Look Alive Augmented Reality Filter
A woman on the beach using the Guster Look alive augmented reality filter
Never Again
Collage of an image of an image of people in a Nazi death camp and Mexicans being detained on the U.S. border
Area 51 Quiz
Close up of the stealth fighter flying over some mountains
George Washington Timeline
Close up image of Washington crossing the Delaware from the History Channel series
Capital Pride Branding
Close up of women holding hands. One of which has the ACLU DC temporary tattoo we created as part of the branding
The National WWII Museum
Combat Photographers of WWII
Mockup of the entrance to the Combat Photographers of WWII exhibit with our video playing on the wall
Nighthawk Interactive
Launch Website
Close up of the cover art for Friday the 13th, published by Nighthawk
Universal Records
Who is Gary Go?
Close-up of the globe on the homepage of the Gary Go website